Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good evening. Well, I figured life would be much better if I simply sat here and typed it into Blogger directly, rather than tying to monkey around with Word or Notepad, only to have to manually put in the html. But wait, I think I still have to do that. Is it just me, or have the formats of just about everything we use online -- the online services -- completely changed. And I ask you, why? This has become more like Youtube, where I've got my account ID with a drop-down menu. And I ask you, why? And what's up with asking me for my cell phone number as a "security" measure? I won't give that out, and if it means no more Youtube and no more Blogger and anything else I use, so be it. And I ask you, is it just me? Of if I want to use propper grammar, is it just I? Well, I just previewed this. No spaces. Nothing. Later.

Oh no.  I hit the wrong button and lost it all.


  1. and I was really enjoying writing it, too. I figured out I was in HTML. Then I was writing about Disney World. I kept previewing it, and it WAS there, but ol' Jeffrey hit the wrong key and POOF! I do this too often.

  2. I'm writing it again. Can't explain POOF! Actually, it makes me laugh.