Monday, July 19, 2010

One vacation ends and another is about to begin.

Good evening.

My turn. Michael just posted an entry for his Blogger blog. I think I'll post this both places.

Yeah, gee, Michael and his mom are leaving tomorrow. Is it possible that the time has gone by so quickly? Yes, I read what he had to say, and he's right. It does seem like only yesterday that we picked them up at the airport -- late and with slow luggage. But who cares, anyway? We're all on vacation and we're together to have fun. And we sure did!

It's always so sad to say "Good bye" to them. Mom cries; Sandy cries, and we try to act like we aren't. I mean, who gives a crap, anyway? (Can't say "shit" on the Blogger blog.) But it's like it is every time. Did we do enough for them? Did we allow them to do the things they wanted to do? Was I in the way? Was I around enough? Did I come across too much like an older brother? Was I nice enough? OK, I'll let them read this. They can answer those questions. I was so happy they could share my birthday unparty with me. Not much to tell there.

So Mikey, I'm proud of you. Godspeed during the next 4 months as you share your God-given intelligence with people who need it. You'll do great. I envy you, and I'm damn proud of you! Oh, OK. And I love you! A lot!

But next, we're going to get ready for our Disney 2010 vacation. We're leaving on Saturday, arriving on Sunday. We won't be going to Key West this year. More on this later.

Have a great evening, everybody.