Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I've been sitting on this for several weeks, aNd I haVE A big bandaGe on my left pinky.

Good evening!

Gee! Been sitting on this one for about 2 weeks. I figured I'd post it. It's not complete. It ws written there, here, everywhere. Sorry for the confusion, but I don't hve time to fix it, and I am missing my left pinky aT THE MOMENT.

Yeah, it's been a while. Life seems to move on at a feverish pace, while I do my best to keep up with the lesson plans and progress reports that seem to creep up behind me and bite me in the ass. School keeps me busy, and I find myself running around in circles with issues and politics that the BOE throws upon us, the people on the front lines of the battle for education. I spend a lot of money on school supplies, which in New Jersey, were supplied to the schools. Most teachers charge for things like pencils, dry-erase markers (low odor, of course), plus the other things that kids seem to use to practice their magic disappearing acts. And why must we use the low odor markers? That was always the best part of the markers!

Thanksgiving was very enjoyable. We went to the church, where we ate way too much. We all had a great time, and I helped with the clean-up. Somewhere, someone told me that life is a series of checks and balances, and I'm trying to get ahead in the score. Either that, or it's how my parents brought us up. I should say "OUR" parents brought us up.

The Christmas season is fast approaching. If it weren't for the fact that my brother is living with me, there would probably be no Christmas decorating here at home. But leave it to Devin. The Christmas tree is already out, ready to be assembled (we have a tree with lights on it), the ornaments and decorations are ready to collect another season of dust. Oh sure, we'll do some entertaining, so there will be people here to enjoy the dusty old decorations with us.

Mom and Dad are preparing their annual Christmas letter. You know -- that dreaded 2-pager from people you hardly know, who talk about their medical problems, brag about their kids and whine about the state of our country. Mom usually writes the updates on the family, while Dad throws in his sarcastic humor at our expense. You know what I'm talking about. One of Dad's classics was "And of course, Devin moved in with Jeff. And all hopes for grandchildren are being flushed down the toilet!" Double entendre intended.

I must say, though, that people always enjoy receiving our Christmas letter. I've laughed pretty hard at some of the ways my dad can twist what Mom puts in there. So what the hell!

I know what they'll be saying about us. They're proud of us, how we've followed our dreams. I'm a teacher; Devin is a financial planner. I get by on Walmart clothes and Dollar General; Devin buys wide-screen HDTVs, riding mowers, appliances, and of course, top shelf liquor at only the finest establishments. It makes me glad he's my brother.

I'm still driving a Malibu, while Devin has broken through the traditional family bubble, branching out on a limb to buy a Ford Fusion. I must say, it's nice!

But we are getting into the Christmas spirit. We've already made our plans for heading back home for Christmas. Yes, again, I referred to that house where I grew up as "home". Going from a Euro plush king to a slightly used twin doesn't bother me one bit. When I get home at Christmastime, I still wake up and look out the window. The thought is still there. Maybe it snowed, and maybe school's closed. It doesn't even matter if it IS Christmas vacation. I still check. There's something about snow, especially on Christmas Eve, that puts the cherry on top of the sundae.

In the past few years, some of the family traditions have carried on. Mom and Dad wait for me (now Devin and me) to get home before we put up the tree. There's a story in so many of the decorations that adorn the tree. And of course, the last thing to go on the tree is Kimmy's angel. I've probably told about how Kim would get on Dad's shoulders, and she'd put that same angel on top of the tree. It doesn't matter whether it's been 15 years or 50 years, our Christmas tree isn't a Christmas tree until Kimmy's angel is put on top of the tree. That has become Devin's job.

Maybe it's a little crazy to some, but when we hang the stockings, we still hang 5 of them. But in all honesty, there are some years, more hectic years, when the stockings weren't put up. Grandma made them for all of us.

So now let's get into the Christmas spirit.

This reminds me of one Christmas when I was about 10 years old. Dad was putting up the lights on the house. He got smart a few years earlier, and put those little hooks all around, so the lights would go up more easily. Well, it seems that somebody did some painting outside, and some of the hooks were upside down, filled with paint, or just plain missing. What a Christmas scene! You've probably seen similar movies of people putting up the lights. It's usually snowing, there are a few inches on the ground, and the world is a big ho ho ho place, with strangers greeting each other with a cheery "Merry Christmas." Well, it was more like a sunny day in the 50's with no sign of snow. We 3 kids were in the house, blowing the dust off the ornaments, and we heard the jolly verbal excrement that has made my dad the legendary Mr. Christmas. "Merry fucking Christmas!" I heard him exclaim as he swore out of sight. Kim covered her ears while Devin (about 7 at the time) and I tried to stifle the laughter. "Ho ho ho, bastard!" Oh, it went on. Mom finally went out to see what the hell was wrong after Dad's final bevy of scatterling: "I'll stick THIS up Rudolph's ass!" "THIS" was in reference to the Santa hat that Mom insisted that Dad wear, just because it's Christmas, now flopping in his sweaty face, caused by the sun reflecting off the bay window. And retelling this story had Devin laughing so hard, he pissed his pants. Yes. He was 17 years old at the time.

The robins are here. I looked out this afternoon and there were literally dozens on the lawn. Some were singing in the trees. They ignore their cousins, the bluebirds, which are all used to us.

More coming when I caN type.

Have AA good evening!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Noisy pews, Devin's muse, Dad's news, Liberal views, and don't pull my Schweddy Balls!

Good afternoon.

Well, life goes on with a song in my heart. Yep. That's how it is. I've spent the past few weeks working on several church hymns in an effort to cover for a church organist who has been on vacation. She returns next Sunday. Let me hear you say "HALLELUJAH!" Someone told me I played too loud, and the pews were vibrating. Amen.

Devin is in Los Angeles visiting Michael. Michael, as you may know, has been one busy person. He's going to school and working 2 jobs. I know he's taken off some time while my brother is there, because I've heard about so many things they have down while he's there. In fact, the only thing I've heard from him is how they went to Disneyland and Universal Studios and the wax museum and other places, so I guess Michael is allowing for some fun time for the 2 of them. I did get a whimsical post card from him. Ha Ha Ha very funny. I can't tell you what it said. He returns on Friday.

My dad had a prostate biopsy a couple of weeks ago. His PSA was above the high normal. Well, the results weren't as good as we had hoped. He has a small, non-aggressive cancer. It only involved one specimin, but it will require treatment. He has done a lot of research, and he's not in any mortal danger, but it will have to be addressed at some point before it becomes a bigger problem than it is now. And guys, it's "prostate", not "prostrate".

I got a kick out of Berkeley's "Increase Diversity" Bake Sale, where whites pay full price, blacks (a.k.a. African Americans) pay 75 cents, Hispanics pay $1.50, etc. It's called "racist". On yeah, and the complaints, according to the media, are coming from Republicans. Why does this confuse me? Isn't this how our society works? I'll leave it at this. And why isn't Al Sharpton "outraged" that whites pay the most? Hmmm Can we say 'DOUBLE STANDARD'? What I say is simple: SHUT UP!

I tried one of Ben and Jerry's ice creams. Can you guess? Schweddy Balls! It wasn't bad, but the malt balls and rum didn't get along very well. I have a pint (1 serving for me) in the freezer right now. I bought it because I feared that those who were so offended by the name of it might win out and have the product either pulled or renamed. Imagine pulling my Schweddy Balls! Can they do that? Oh, I'm so offended. They have a little fun with something made famous on Saturday Night Live, and some crusty old nuns have to bitch that it's offensive. Maybe it was the liberal soccer mom with her prissy ten-year-old daughter. Give me a bloody break! Maybe what I say should be this: STFU! I dropped that puppy right on the counter for all to see.

Well, all I'll say is that I'm not too happy with where our society is headed. Does anybody notice? Must not. We're doing nothing. Enjoy!

Have a good week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lee watered the lawn, and other stuff.

Good evening.

Lee blew through here, depositing several inches of rain and blowing things around. The good part is the rain. We needed the rain. Today was a crystal clear, beautifully cool day. Windows are open, and it feels more like New Jersey than Florida. I'll take it!

My dad had a prostate biopsy last Wednesday, and he's going to get the results tomorrow. We're all hopeful that it's benign, as the doctor had indicated. He had no symptoms, but his PSA level has been on the rise for the past several years. I'm not sure whether or not I've ever been checked, although it's probably one of the numbers among the list of numbers I see when I have my annual physical.

School is going well. It's amazing how old the school year seems once the first week is over. I've got some gems this year. But then again, I do every year. It helps with my sanity -- or at least removes any that I had remaining!

Things are going well. Not much to say, except no news is good news. I hope your news is all good, and you're having a good 4-day week.

Have a great evening!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I lean, I mean Irene

Good evening.

It's 7:48 PM CDT, 8:48 EDT as I begin this.

It is now raining moderately back home. The winds have begun to blow, and my parents are going to ride out the storm. It looks as though the eye of the storm is going to pass right over the house. I'll be watching. Mom and Dad have secured the deck furniture, along with anything else that could fly around. All of the visitors have gone home, and the Parkway is jammed with people leaving the shore areas. I'm not one to be an alarmist, but I'd sure feel a lot better if I were there, or if I could see what was happening. I just spoke to my parents, and they don't seem to be overly worried. The house is about 26 feet above sea level, plus the beach itself is very wide. This should give us a decent buffer zone, should the storm surge head on up. The house itself is very strong, and the living room (first floor) is actually above the ground level. The "basement" is mostly above ground in our house.

I asked Dad to sign into Skype so we can watch to see that everything is indeed secure. It all depends on whether or not he gets around to it.

That's all for now. I'll be glad when this thing is all done.

Have a great evening.

Monday, July 25, 2011

And the summer of 2011 draws to a close.

Good evening!

Well, the summer of 2011 is winding down now. I turned 29, and I wonder how it will be next summer when I'm at the ripe old age of 30. I just can't imagine it. Many of my old summer friends still return to the shore for their annual visits. It was great to see them. I wouldn't be Jeff Surfer Kid if I didn't take my plank to the beach, which I did. I was a little rusty, but that was short-lived. I did some flying in a rental, and I saw much of the old airport gang. I rested, too. I managed to sleep-in a few times. Hell, I even slept past 6:00 a.m. a few days. I got to see Keith a few times. We had a lot of catching up to do, but it was just like old times. He's the same Keith with the same laugh and the same sick jokes. Steven has taken some time off from school and is working part time in a computer outlet store. He is so grown up, but his reaction to seeing me was just as it was when he was a shy 14 year-old. He made sure to tell me that he still loves me. That means so much to me. I did so much, yet I still had a lot of down time.

Sandy and Michael left after a stay that was filled with a lot of fun and memories. Michael will be spending a little time in Phoenix to visit his dad, and then he'll be back at work. I tried to get him to make a blog entry while he was here, but he was too engrossed with everything else. Mom plans to go to California sometime in the fall, and Devin has promised to make a return visit during the year. As for Dad and me, well, Dad's too busy trying to make a dollar out of 75 cents for his clients, and I just won't get the time off to head out there, as much as I'd love to. But then again, we never really know what the future has in store for us, do we?

I just returned from our annual Walt Disney World vacation. This was, believe it or not, our 7th trip to Disney World. (I've been there a few more. Shhhhhhhhhh) It was Devin, Caleb, Elijah and I one more time. If I had half a brain I would have logged our favorite attractions, HOWEVER, allow me to post my "Must Do" list. But first, one of the unspoken attractions at Walt Disney World is the TV loop, "Must Do Disney". It's on in every Disney Resort room, and we typically leave it on. Here it is.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite attractions, those we feel we must do, simply out of tradition. OK, here we go.

The American Adventure at Epcot. Enjoy a trip through the history of America. It starts out with Ben Franklin and Mark Twain discussing the history of our country. We're taken through the modern age, narrated by brilliance of audioanimatronics. Even the horse looks real. (You have to see it for yourself.) It's definitely a must do, and it always brings a tear to my eyes at the end. The ending theme is "America, Spread Your Golden Wings".

Soarin' at Epcot. It was originally billed as "Soarin Over California", but it was such a success that it was built in Florida. You're seated in a special hang glider, although nobody is hanging. You even get to smell the orange groves, the salty sea air and the pine forests. And that last aerial bomb rocks the glider!

Mission Space at Epcot. Don't do the sissy version. Go for the gusto with all the G's. It's a little lame, but the visual and sensory effects are great! Do it!

And while I'm at Epcot, take your time. Are ya hungry? How about a margarita in Mexico? Fish and chips in England are a must! How about a margarita in Italy? Perhaps a pastry in France pour vous, monsieur? Sushi? Yum! Stop in China for an egg roll and, if you haven't had too many margaritas, some Chinese beer. Maybe you'd like bratwurst? BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, don't pass by the soft pretzels. And don't forget the mustard. Ice cream? Just turn right after you enter Epcot. Chocolate chip mint is my favorite. I get a double scoop cone. It comes with a cup because the scoops are the size of grapefruits.

OK OK, let's blow this joint. Magic Kingdom? Head for the Carousel of Progress. Gotta do it! Do Splash Mountain. Do them all. Get a Fast Pass for the rides you don't feel like waiting for.

What about Animal Kingdom? Did you get a Park Hopper? We did. Hey, it's only once a year. Caleb and Elijah got a little assistance with the $52 / day Park Hopper option. A rip off? Oh yeah, but you can't beat the quality and customer care that Disney provides. Check out the Yeti or do the safari. It's the same every year. "Poachers, mon, in da park!"

Let's move on the Disney's Hollywood Studios. Tower of Terror is the first thing we do. It's usually the second and third thing, too. Speaking of noisy and fast, we love the Aerosmith Rock'n Roller Coaster. We know where the cameras are, just as we launch up the incline, so we make silly grins and give the thumbs up. Or we look like we're about to throw up. We wouldn't pay the price for these crazy pictures, but they sure make the other people laugh.

I didn't give the proper credit and details to all of the attractions we enjoyed. Hell, we do it every year. We've got it down to a science. I didn't even mention all the great places to eat. Oh yeah! Get the nachos in Mexico. Oh man! And don't forget the margarita -- 3 colors. Do it!

Having a timeshare at Disney World makes all the difference. Parking is included with my annual pass, but we can go to one of the resorts (Port Orleans French Quarter) for ben yays (how DO you spell it?) in the morning. We're cheap bastards, and we have last year's mugs so we get free coffee and hot chocolate. But using my aunt and uncle's timeshare has saved us a lot of money, and we are guaranteed at least a 2 bedroom. They have several hundred thousand points to use up, so they give us some. The master bedroom had a jaccuzi. Guess who slept there. I had to share the king bed with Devin. The second bedroom had two queens. Did I mention that we got a free upgrade to a Presidential Suite? We're talking kitchen, bar, wide screen HDTV IN ALL ROOMS. And a balcony, where we can sit and watch Disney from afar on the 14th floor, while sipping the drink de jour. As Elijah summed it up: "Life ain't a bitch right now!"

I'd say that Epcot is our favorite, as you can tell by all I said. Hollywood Studios is our second, and Magic Kingdom is our third. But, we all agree that if it's your first time, the Magic Kingdom is the place to start the magic.

My summer of 2011 has been most enjoyable, and as always, the climax is our Disney World trip. It was 7 years ago when we first drove under the "Walt Disney World" sign, and our eyes suddenly sparkled in amazement. Seven years ago we fumbled our way around the theme parks. I can still see an unabashed Caleb crying openly in the elevator on the way down as we were leaving. A much younger Elijah can now order a drink, and is much more a man than he was 7 years ago. As for Devin and me, well, I guess we've grown, too. But let me tell ya, you don't stop feeling the same way when you arrive at Disney World. You don't. The feeling is still there. That magic becomes a part of it all. Oh, sure, by 1:00 in the afternoon the park echoes with the sounds of tantrums and crying kids, but after all, it's overwhelming. I think we know our way around now. We were sad to leave, but we know we're going back. We have the place reserved for next year at a discounted (points) rate, thanks to a joint deal between my aunt and the timeshare. And frequent visitors to WDW will always give you good advice on ways to save a few dollars during your stay. I think we did very well. And just think. We'll be back there in about 51 weeks. It's right around the corner, isn't it!

I rushed through this, but I wanted to post something before it all faded from my memory. This will be posted in both places.

I don't think I'll be posting another blog entry before returning home. It's always great to get back to my hometown, to Mom's cooking and my old bed, but my new bed, a king Euro plush, in Florida is right nice. A new year of teaching awaits, and with it come challenges -- and maybe a few stories.

Mom and Dad are on a cruise, but once they're home I'll be leaving. I've already packed away the surfboards, and I'm gathering my stuff for the ride home. My Piece of the Beach is once again just another spot along the beach, until next time.

Enjoy the rest of your summer as mine draws to a close. I hope you'll have as many wonderful memories as I have. And on that note, I'll simply say --

Have a great evening, everybody!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Lifetime of Birthdays

Good morning.

Posted simomanesouly in Blogger and MyDisgrace. LOL Tom(CA). Yes, Bret, it is a torture chamber.

As I look back over the years of posting entries in my blog on this date, I can't help but think of all the people I've known -- summer-types, who vacation with their families during this week every summer. I have many wonderful memories of some wonderful people. I've known kids who are now adults, and with whom I still stay in touch.

Michael and his mom are here. I'm in my old bed, which feels not only strange, but quite small. Devin is in his old bed. I had forgotten the sounds of the night. I had forgotten the involuntary farting, snorting, talking and other sounds that indicate that my brother thinks I'm asleep. Some things never change. Michael has taken the sleeper, and he sleeps so soundly, I wouldn't even know he's here. I'm happy to say that I'm back in that old familiar mode of enjoying my summers at my childhood home at the Jersey shore, and being on what is once again "My Piece of the Beach".

Since I've been here I've seen Scott, who always asks if I still have his hand-made surfboard key holder. I have it, and it's right by the door into the garage at home. I find myself seeing so many familiar faces, but the names are now escaping me. I get waves and smiles, but we've all grown up. I got stopped by a woman who apparently knows me, but I didn't remember her name. I told her what I'm doing and where I'm living, and she said she'd tell the "kids" that she saw me. I was too embarrassed to ask her name.

When Michael got here I told him I messed something up when "we" set up his blog account. As I recall, I said, "I don't know. I fucked something up. Now I can't comment on your blog."

He nearly choked on his soda, spitting part of it into my face. Yep, same ol' Mikey!

I should make note of the fact that Michael (who I still call "Mikey), is nearly finished with his Master's, and is going to be instrumental in not only teaching, but counseling recovering teens. Way to go! He's come so far. He's hardly the little Mikey we used to run around chasing as a little kid. Oh BS. Yes he is!

So today I'm 29. One year from today I'll be 30. Where has the time gone? Life changes people. I've changed. I'm in an environment where I have to act and think a certain way. I find that I have to decompress or rehabilitate when I'm here. It doesn't take long. But if I can look back at some of my blog entries from this date in prior years, my priorities have certainly changed.

On my 18th birthday it was all about surfing and summer friends. I've taken out my board twice since I've been here. I can still surf, but the faces are all new. The hot dogs are still hot dogging, running over each other, and trying to show off for the scantily clad girl on the beach. And as I once said, I come along with my 10' 8" longboard, barreling my way toward the beach like a Lincoln Fornicator, turning heads. One kid told me to get out. I laughed at him. The perfect response is always "I live here!"

Yeah, the Jersey attitude has become more obvious with every return visit home. Everybody claims their own piece of the beach, and there's always an imaginary boundary around towels, chairs and even people in the water. I've seen it for too many years. It's no different in the summer rentals. The people come down with the "It's not my house, so fuck it"" attitude. I watched as one guy kept jabbing a knife in the wooden porch support beam, and then began to whittle away at the wood. I've seen kids walk inside with wet, sandy bathing suits and beach toys, leaving the gritty, moldy residue for the next poor suckers who'll be paying $2000 for one precious week at the Jersey shore. They blow up the gas grills, cremate their dinners, break windows, toss garbage, urinate on the floors, smear filth on the walls, and they walk away as if it never happened. And people wonder why our house is always so clean. Well, duh! It's called RULES! I know I've mentioned an old photo of a bunch of kids sitting around our table with a huge container of peanut butter and equally huge bottle of jelly. We drank sugary fruit drinks and ate PBJ sandwiches. If we were good, we had potato chips -- and sometimes an ice cream sandwich. But each kid was sitting on a towel, and each kid went under the shower to get rid of the sand and the salt. RULES!

We no longer have that same dining set, although it did go to a needy family somewhere locally. We have a great deck, where we can sit, drink beer, eat, smoke, and fart and scratch freely. And yes, the shower is still outside. I can still see my youngest cousins (Ian and Phil) peeking their heads out the door, and then running naked into the house. And if there were any women around, they did the classic modesty hand cover-up. OK. You got the "N" word. But that's how it is at the shore.

So why am I so nostalgic today? I guess I can think of what I was doing on my birthday pretty much any given year, although the exact years are now starting to run together. My 18th birthday was really my only surprise, when Jimmy came to be part of our Final Countdown party. I got surprised, but in looking back, the anticipation would have been just as much fun as being surprised. My 18th birthday was probably one I remember the most. I had graduated high school and I was looking forward to college years. I was 18; I was an adult (or so I thought at the time).

I know it was always around my birthday when Michael and Sandy came for their bi-annual visit. Now it's every year, and we're happy about that. Mom has been out there, too. I know, I know. I have to go out there. It's always a good time when they're here, and this year will be no exception.

So today has been a nice day. It's good to be back, and it always goes by so fast. Disney World is on the horizon, but for now, I'm enjoying being King Shit.

I hope your day was a good one even if it's not one you'll remember 10 years from now.

Have a great evening.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can somebody help me out here?

I am trying to comment on Michael's blog entry, only I have to sign into another service. None of my ID's work. What happened to this? I thought all I had to do was log in, and that was it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Message to Michael M.

Message to Michael.

I can't comment on your blog. It asks for a profile name, so I choose Google. It has me log in, but it says Anonymous. My problem or yours? Anyway, I'll call you.

School year winding down, ready for summer.

Good afternoon.

This will be posted here and on my MySpace blog. I don't know whether or not anybody reads my MySpace blog anymore. I assume not.

Well, another school year is winding down. I have to admit that the school years seem to run a lot more smoothly than they did the first, and even second year. The kids are off the walls. They're talking about where they'll be going and what they'll be doing this summer. I can see the excitement in their faces. Some aren't so excited, but I'm sure that even those kids will be doing something fun during the summer. Hmm. I always took my living at the best spot on the Jersey shore for granted. I've told all the kids about "My Piece of the Beach". They always love hearing about surfing, the boardwalk, the friends I made and the things I learned. I usually have a few kids wanting to go home with me.

This summer will bring a lot of the fun times that every other summer brought. Devin and I will spend a week at the condo in Panama City Beach. We'll have use of it through October, and the irony is that we're heading for New Jersey and the beach up there. That's OK, though. We have some work to do at this condo, and we'll be using it every chance we get.

We're also looking forward to our annual WDW vacation in July. Imagine it, a vacation during vacation. I'm 99% sure that Michael will be coming east with his mom, also in July.

I will definitely post something somewhere as the time draws nearer. As I say every time I get on MySpace, I don't know what happened to all my friends who used to read my blog, but maybe for them it was time to move on. I'm grateful for the friends who have stuck by me here.

It's been quite warm here. We did spend a day and a half at the beach last week, and it was a welcome relief from the near-100-degree weather. I wonder what summer will be like.

That's about it for now. I just wanted ti write something. I hope you have a very enjoyable and safe weekend. Don't forget to pause to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking sides, poor besides, Furrysides

Good evening.

I've had a running competition with Michael to see who would post the first blog entry. He's been writing offline. I haven't. Happy birthday, you old 23 year old, you!

OK, so while the world will be tuned in to the wedding of William and Kate, I'll be going about my business as usual. Believe me, I won't DVR the event. I'm sure I'll have my fill of it over the next 2 or 3 years. This is a phenomenon that has gripped the world like a lobster about to drop into the boiling water! I don't care about it -- that's the honest truth. I don't. Am I callous? Am I a non-somethingorother? What's even funnier is that just about everyone I have asked doesn't seem the least bit interested in watching this wedding. Like me, they'll all see the highlights on the evening news. That's enough. But some are planning on sitting in front of TV with a Porta-Potty so they don't miss a second of the festivities. It's us vs them. I refuse to take sides.

I had a friend call me to ask if he could borrow some money. I mentioned it to Devin and he had a shocked look about him. Being very money-savvy, he knows what it means to loan someone money. The rule, as I was always told, is that when a friend asks you to loan him/her money, only loan as much as you're prepared to GIVE them. Borrowing and lending money between friends, more often than not, can lead to hard feelings. I don't have the money to give away. Therefore, I don't have the money to lend. I gently mentioned that I'm a school teacher who doesn't make a whole lot of money. He was very understanding, and he apologized for being insensitive toward my financial situation -- and poor, besides. And that is that.

I can't believe the number of tornadoes ripping across the country. One touched down in Ringgold, GA. I think Nick lived there, or his family still lives there. I went to MySpace to see if I could send him a message, but all I got was a blank screen with his home page music playing. I tell ya, MySpace has bitten the big one!

I've been enjoying VEDA (Vlog Every Day April) on Youtube. I've subscribed to some really great vloggers. One such vlogger is known as Furrysides (Karl). He's vlogged every day in April. His choice of subject matter is eclectic, to say the least, but he's always entertaining. He's posted some pretty clever video blogs during the month. I have to admit that I'll be sorry to see April go. I've been thinking if I could hold up for a month of blogging, let alone vlogging. So if you care to check him out, you will find Karl very entertaining.

So I'm just kicking off the cobwebs on this thing. Nothing seems to be all that user friendly these days, but it's worth a try. Everything else is good. I'll see what I can do about posting an entry every day for the remainder of the month. Yuk yuk!

Have a great evening, everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michael and Tom, bloggers all!

Good evening.

I was just reading a really interesting blog from Tom of Los Angeles, and I wondered what my other blogging friend, Michael of Los Angeles was up to these days. I sent Michael a note poking him about posting before his birthday.

Now that Devin is living here, the computer room has more or less become his office, as he's online constantly, making contacts or contracts with brokers and mutual fund houses or places of lots of money with gold on the floors and people with guns and all that crap. He Blackberries on his Raspberry, tweets on his tweeter and has contacts all over the world. There! I just showed you, in graphic detail, my knowledge of accounting, financial planning and the stock market. Make me a millionaire by age 55. That's all I ask.

But seriously, it's great to have Devin here. I'll walk past the room, and I can tell by the look on his face if things are "bull" or "bear". He has decided NOT to do business on the weekends, and he disconnects himself from the rest of the world when he goes to church, which is basically every Sunday. He says he loves it, so that's good -- church and his job.

I've been having some ups and downs, myself. I often anguish for the weekend over something that happened at school during the prior week. Devin has use of that condo in Panama City Beach again this year. I look forward to spending some time there real soon.

I think that once I spend a few days at the beach I'll be in more of a blogging mood. I'm after Michael to write, and I'm glad to see that Tom has written a blog entry. He's such an eloquent writer. I could only hope to be such a writer.

It's 8:00 PM, and it's starting to cool down outside. It's gonna be beautiful for the next week or so. We'll spend more outside time at school tomorrow, that's for sure.

Have a great evening!