Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking sides, poor besides, Furrysides

Good evening.

I've had a running competition with Michael to see who would post the first blog entry. He's been writing offline. I haven't. Happy birthday, you old 23 year old, you!

OK, so while the world will be tuned in to the wedding of William and Kate, I'll be going about my business as usual. Believe me, I won't DVR the event. I'm sure I'll have my fill of it over the next 2 or 3 years. This is a phenomenon that has gripped the world like a lobster about to drop into the boiling water! I don't care about it -- that's the honest truth. I don't. Am I callous? Am I a non-somethingorother? What's even funnier is that just about everyone I have asked doesn't seem the least bit interested in watching this wedding. Like me, they'll all see the highlights on the evening news. That's enough. But some are planning on sitting in front of TV with a Porta-Potty so they don't miss a second of the festivities. It's us vs them. I refuse to take sides.

I had a friend call me to ask if he could borrow some money. I mentioned it to Devin and he had a shocked look about him. Being very money-savvy, he knows what it means to loan someone money. The rule, as I was always told, is that when a friend asks you to loan him/her money, only loan as much as you're prepared to GIVE them. Borrowing and lending money between friends, more often than not, can lead to hard feelings. I don't have the money to give away. Therefore, I don't have the money to lend. I gently mentioned that I'm a school teacher who doesn't make a whole lot of money. He was very understanding, and he apologized for being insensitive toward my financial situation -- and poor, besides. And that is that.

I can't believe the number of tornadoes ripping across the country. One touched down in Ringgold, GA. I think Nick lived there, or his family still lives there. I went to MySpace to see if I could send him a message, but all I got was a blank screen with his home page music playing. I tell ya, MySpace has bitten the big one!

I've been enjoying VEDA (Vlog Every Day April) on Youtube. I've subscribed to some really great vloggers. One such vlogger is known as Furrysides (Karl). He's vlogged every day in April. His choice of subject matter is eclectic, to say the least, but he's always entertaining. He's posted some pretty clever video blogs during the month. I have to admit that I'll be sorry to see April go. I've been thinking if I could hold up for a month of blogging, let alone vlogging. So if you care to check him out, you will find Karl very entertaining.

So I'm just kicking off the cobwebs on this thing. Nothing seems to be all that user friendly these days, but it's worth a try. Everything else is good. I'll see what I can do about posting an entry every day for the remainder of the month. Yuk yuk!

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. I agree about the wedding. I had enough of the ladies at work falling over it.

    I have Nick on my twitter and this is what he said last time he was on:

    As of this morning, still no power at work or apartment. Back at the grandparents to shower, recharge, and eat.

    I guess I had better do something besides mess around on here.

    Have a great day!!!

  2. So good to see a blog from you! Yeah, I kept asking everyone "WHO is it who is getting married, again?" (meaning that I would be told and then would forget, not that whomever it was was getting married again, at least, I don't think they have been married before). They would look at me like I was a dumbkopf, you know, with painfully furrowed brow as they would sighingly say, "Prince William." "Which one is he," I would then ask, "the one who is supposedly going to be the king someday, or the one who wore the Nazi uniform to a hallowe'en party?",,,which shows which useless gossip pierces through my brain and which doesn't.

    I had lost interest in the whole lot of them when Prince Charles had that affair with whomever it was he had an affair with (before Princess DI died, or afterward, I don't remember) and he was quoted as having said that he wished he were the Kotex between her legs. I think that comment alone knocked him out of being "the heir to the throne".

    I always liked Queen Elizabeth, though, and think I would have liked the Queen Mother, as well, but I like my royalty to be "ancient history". In my view, empires have always been huge detriments to "the people" and I sure wish the United States would get over having one. Oh, the US has an empire? Uh, tell me again how many troops we have overseas? Troops overseas, posted in "other" countries, are, by definition, a sign of an empire (you know, because the region has to be kept in line). Now tell me this, name ONE empire that didn't ultimately self-destruct. They just keep on growing until they get too weak to continue on. Let's keep our country strong, okay? Oh well, sorry to bring in a little bit of "controversial" politics...but I still think of "royalty" AS "politics". But I guess most people just think of them as "celebrities", like being some kind of actor or actress. Like the Kardashians (whoever or whatever THEY are) are some kind of "royalty".

    Regarding loans to friends, I agree with you and Devin 100%. Here is my rule (quite like yours): "Don't ever 'loan' any money to a friend, because they won't pay you back and the friendship will be lost, but GIVE them some money if you want and can afford it. However, if YOU borrow money from a friend, very DEFINITELY pay them back, maybe even with interest, but that piece is optional unless it was part of the deal. I did borrow money from a friend, the same friend, twice, and I paid him back, too. He cried when I paid him back, because he had been loaning money to friends for years and I was the first and ONLY person to ever pay him back. Just his reaction alone guaranteed to me that I would always make sure to pay friends back if I ever again had to borrow from them (but I never had to do it again). However, I did borrow money from my parents on three different occasions and they charged me interest each time. In fact, my mother LOVED to loan me money and sometimes would ask me, "You sure you don't want to borrow some money?" She honestly explained that she could make more money off of me than she could from any of her investments...they would always charge me 10% and if I wanted (needed) the money, that 10% was worth it. Can you imagine how great of an investment that would be now, with banks paying, what, .0000000002% or something like that? Anyway, I had great credit with my parents and great credit with the only friend whom I borrowed from, and great credit can sometimes just about save your life. Gary North says, "Don't support the loser tendencies among your family or friends". Of course, in YOUR family, there are no financial losers....