Saturday, May 28, 2011

Message to Michael M.

Message to Michael.

I can't comment on your blog. It asks for a profile name, so I choose Google. It has me log in, but it says Anonymous. My problem or yours? Anyway, I'll call you.

School year winding down, ready for summer.

Good afternoon.

This will be posted here and on my MySpace blog. I don't know whether or not anybody reads my MySpace blog anymore. I assume not.

Well, another school year is winding down. I have to admit that the school years seem to run a lot more smoothly than they did the first, and even second year. The kids are off the walls. They're talking about where they'll be going and what they'll be doing this summer. I can see the excitement in their faces. Some aren't so excited, but I'm sure that even those kids will be doing something fun during the summer. Hmm. I always took my living at the best spot on the Jersey shore for granted. I've told all the kids about "My Piece of the Beach". They always love hearing about surfing, the boardwalk, the friends I made and the things I learned. I usually have a few kids wanting to go home with me.

This summer will bring a lot of the fun times that every other summer brought. Devin and I will spend a week at the condo in Panama City Beach. We'll have use of it through October, and the irony is that we're heading for New Jersey and the beach up there. That's OK, though. We have some work to do at this condo, and we'll be using it every chance we get.

We're also looking forward to our annual WDW vacation in July. Imagine it, a vacation during vacation. I'm 99% sure that Michael will be coming east with his mom, also in July.

I will definitely post something somewhere as the time draws nearer. As I say every time I get on MySpace, I don't know what happened to all my friends who used to read my blog, but maybe for them it was time to move on. I'm grateful for the friends who have stuck by me here.

It's been quite warm here. We did spend a day and a half at the beach last week, and it was a welcome relief from the near-100-degree weather. I wonder what summer will be like.

That's about it for now. I just wanted ti write something. I hope you have a very enjoyable and safe weekend. Don't forget to pause to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Have a nice weekend.