Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yes, Tom, this is a pain!

Good evening, or as the little man in the online bingo game says, "Heah we go!" Is "Bingo" supposed to be capitalized? OK. So Blogger made some changes. I hear Facebook now has a timeline format. I've seen my brother's Facebook. I can't even begin to try to navigate MySpace anymore. But MySpace is dead, I'm afraid. Something has to come along that gives us what we wanted in MySpace and Facebook, with security and ease of navigation. Oh yes, and the ability to keep the format we choose. Then I'll use that social network. But man! Everything talks to everything else, so you're standing on a stage with everything exposed to the world. Get naked! All I can say is that some guy is getting a real rush out of making the changes he makes simply because he can. And believe me, they aren't changes any of the users seem to want. Well, it's getting near summer. The weather has been warm, and we've gotten more rain than we got last year. My lawn is still weed haven, but weeds are green. I noticed some morning glories popping up with flowers in the rose garden. I didn't plan for any morning glories in the rose garden. I love morning glories. So I'll leave them to grow up the side of the garage. Did you spot the hidden "N" bomb? I'd like to type more, but it's 10:00. I have to be in early tomorrow. More is coming. I just wanted to test this thing. Have a great evening.

Oh. No formatting. Lovely! Sorry. I'll insert the HTML next entry.

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  1. "Ho, a light at yonder window breaks..." you look for a pencil icon, which, if you click it, opens up your Blogger writing screen..."and Juliet is her name"...and then over on the right is Post Settings..."But what satisfaction canst thou have tonight?..." and if you look down the menu, the last choice is "Options" signified by a little wheelie-looking thing... "then let hands do, as lips do, they PRAY..." and lo and behold, one of the settings choices is how you want Blogger to make line breaks; you can choose between having to use
    tags to do it (which on mine was the default)... "parting is such sweet sorrow"... or you can choose to "press enter for line breaks"..."that I will long for it to be the morrow"...!

    So, there I and my hundred monkeys were well on our way to creating "Romeo & Juliet" when we figured out the solution to our editing problem, instead.